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How to Colour your Hair in Photoshop

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This is kind of a fun tutorial. It's one of those sort of skills that you probably don't really need, but like if you were on survivor and they asked you to colour someones hair in photoshop, you'd be totally ready. And in fact, you'd be so good at it that they might even vote you off because you're "just too skilled". Okay that has to be the weirdest analogy I think I've ever used.

None the less, I actually love doing this whenever I see totally rad pictures on pinterest of people with cool coloured hair I like to see just how I'd look if I ever got a burst of courage and decided to give myself some cotton candy hair.

So here's how ya do it.

S T E P  O N E: Open up your photo and create a new layer by hitting Shift+Cmmd+N, or by going layer, new layer.

S T E P  T W O: Set the layers blending mode to colour. The blending mode section will be just above your layer in a drop down menu.

S T E P  T H R E E: With your layer selected select the brush tool and then select your desired colour. You want to pick darker colours so that it looks more realistic.

S T E P  F O U R: Once you've successfully coloured in all of your hair, it still might be a bit bright. Go to the right, just above your layer and change the opacity, lowering it until you think it looks good! Then flatten your image by right clicking on your background image and clicking "flatten image".

It's pretty simple and super fun! There are also a lot of possibilities like creating some really funky pop art. I took this photo while on vacation and decided to do the same trick with different colours and layers and then adding some hand lettering to it!


Hope everyone's having a lovely Friday! :)