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We sold our house! :) AKA, it's been unbelievably chaotic, a whirlwind of emotion, and an insane amount of stress. Which is basically an equation for my lack of blogging. I've been reading #GIRLBOSS and Sophia is the definition of #GIRLBOSS in every sense of the word. It's so inspiring. Time for me to become a bad ass. But like, in baby steps. I recently did a photo-shoot for a local clothing brand that's going to be coming out soon and seriously, it was one of my favourite shoots to date! Here are my favourite shots.

Photographer: Lauren Leggatt (that's me!)

Hair: Alexia Hazeldine

Makeup: Dan Swedberg

Wardrobe: Mint & Chopsticks

Accessories: Frakas

Just an amazing team to work with! :)